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LUNGO FRUITS was born in Saluzzo in the 50s under the great mountain Monviso, in one of the best areas for fruit production.
In the early years the production was exclusively peaches, but from the 70s the company also began growing apples.
Today we produce all types of peaches and we create the best apple quality.
We continue to select the best performing varieties by color and flavor.
The tradition here is strong, we are the third generation and we bring dynamism, innovation and our ancestors experience in the production process.

Conservation and Processing


In the last 20 years we have specialized in the production of gala apples and red apples, by continuing to improve both the aesthetic and the organoleptic qualities. Today we are proud to have more than ten varieties of apples to satisfy every kind of market needs.

Since 2010 we have created a new warehouse specialized in reception, processing and
packaging of fresh fruits. Our peaches and apples are stocked within the most modern environment.


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